RFID Car Access by Brian McEvoy for DM-U

Another completed project! Most of the steps taken in this project were inline with the basic installation of a commercial device which isn’t terribly exciting or groundbreaking so there’s not point to spending a day writing detailed instructions. The only unusual thing done with this project was interfacing it with a remote module through a relay. Final steps taken for this project will still be described in the journal form though.

Enough background.

A small plastic enclosure was purchased. After purchasing the enclosure a parametric OpenSCAD file was found on Thingiverse which could have been used instead. Inside the enclosure was going to be the spare wires, remote unit and solid state switching device. If there had been room for the mechanical relay that would have been put inside as well. A 5/16″ (8mm) hole was drilled in the top of the enclosure for the LED. Included with the commercial reader was an LED holder which finishes a standard 5mm LED on a panel.

All the wires and components

5/16″ (8mm) hole drilled in enclosure

Entry for the wires was made by pressing the enclosure into the side of a drill bit while spinning at a high speed. The gap was a nice rounded arc and made for an inconspicuous exit point. Only the two holes were put into the enclosure. All wires were run through the entry point and the LED was the only thing occupying the LED hole in the top. When the wires were all stuffed into the box with the solid state switch and remote the box was sealed up with included bolts and rewired into the car. It looked neat and finished.

Making wire entry hole

Wires and components stuffed in box

Closed up box

Unit on dash

published with approval by Brian McEvoy from original blog post at: http://www.24hourengineer.com/2015/07/2015-07-20-m-rfid-car-access-completed.html

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