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“DMP – BIOHACKING across the United States”

Dates and venues as follows:

2018 DMP Tour:

Austin, TX | Sheraton Austin at the Capital – Body Hacking Con, Feb. 2018

San Antonio, TX | St. Mary’s University – BSides San Antonio, June 2018

Las Vegas, NV | Caesar’s Palace – DEFCON Biohacking Village, Aug. 2018

Pittsburgh, PA | Protohaven – BDYHAX: East, Sept. 2018

Provo, UT | UTAH Valley Convention Center – SaintCon, Sept. 2018

San Antonio, TX |Wyndham River Walk Hotel – Texas Cyber Summit, Oct. 2018

Austin, TX | Norris Conference Center – Lascon, Oct. 24-25 2018

Dallas, TX | Richland College – BSides DFW, Nov. 2018

The Bay Area | Menlo College – BDYHAX: West, Dec. 15th 2018

2019 DMP Tour:


no dates for this month at this time.


Austin, TX | LZR – Body Hacking Con, Feb. 23rd-24th 2019


Austin, TX | BSides Austin | March 28-29, 2019


Indianapolis, IN | Circle City Con | June 12-14th 2019

San Antonio, TX | St. Mary’s Univeristy – BSides San Antonio, June 8th 2019


no dates for this month at this time.


Las Vegas, NV | DEFCON/BH USA/BSLV | Aug 5-11, 2019

Las Vegas, NV | Biohack the Planet | Aug 31-Sept 1, 2019


Houston, TX | BSides Houston | Sept 7, 2019


San Antonio, TX | Texas Cyber Summit Oct 10-12 2019

Provo, UT | SAINTCON | Oct 22-25, 2019


Dallas, TX | BSides DFW |  Nov 2, 2019

Lulling, TX | Lock Camp | Nov 22-24, 2019 | Palmetto State Park

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no dates for this month at this time.

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